Langestraat 99, Amersfoort

The Langestraat is the shopping street in the core shopping area of Amersfoort.

The retail/restaurant space is located just beyond the middle of the street, which makes it interesting for both retail and hospitality. Langestraat has become diverse and lively in recent years due to the addition of bars, restaurants and food-related retailers. The following retailers are located in the immediate vicinity: State of Art, Daka sport, Eye Wish, Society Shop, Anna van Toor and Cavallaro Napoli.

There are also various charming restaurants in the immediate vicinity: Stadscafé In den Grooten Slok, bistro In den Kleinen Hap and bistro Nul33.
In the adjacent restaurant, the beautiful Sugo concept will be introduced.

Apart from the visitors to the core shopping area, this part of the street is also visited by consumers who visit the Kamp for an errand and walk into Langestraat.


Surface area:

SURFACE: Retail space (indicative)

approximately 115 m² GLA (retail space)
approximately 12 m² GLA (storage space)
approximately 6 m² GLA (secondary space)

Total: approximately 133 m² GLA ground floor

SURFACE: Catering area (indicative)

approximately 95 m² GLA (catering area)
approximately 35m² GLA (back office, etc.)
approximately 6,5m² GLA (toilets etc.)

Rental Price:

To be agreed upon

Lease term:

To be agreed upon

Rental Payment:

To be agreed upon

Commencement Date:

Negotiable, soon is possible

Rental Agreement:

Lease contract based on the Dutch ROZ 2012 model.


Bank guarantee in accordance with the ROZ-model based on 3 months’ rent including VAT.


Annually, according to CBS/CPI all households 2015=100, for the first time one year after the Commencement Date.

State of Delivery:

To be agreed upon, currently the property will be redeveloped, specific demands can be negotiated.


Subject to board approval landlord.


Insight Real Estate has position for the lease of this property. In case of a successful transaction, no fee will be charged.


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