Complaints procedure Insight Real Estate B.V.

Insight Real Estate B.V. strives for the highest possible customer satisfaction. This does not alter the fact that a situation can always arise that you are not satisfied with. We have established a complaints procedure for this. In this procedure we explain how you can make your complaint known and how we will deal with it further.
Our complaints procedure has two steps:
Step 1
If you have made your complaint known to Insight Real Estate B.V., we ask you to send your complaint to us in writing and as completely as possible. This way we can get a good idea of the nature of the complaint. You can send this complaint to:
Insight Real Estate B.V.
Attn. Mr A.R. Moerman
Diepenbrockstraat 54
1077 WB Amsterdam
020 – 705 2383
Or by email:

You will receive confirmation from us within 7 days that we have received the complaint. You can expect a substantive response from us to your complaint within 21 days.
If we are unexpectedly unable to respond within 21 days, we will notify you in a timely manner. We will of course then indicate within what period you can expect a substantive response.
If the solution we provide is not to your satisfaction, you have the option to submit the matter to an independent institute. That’s step 2.
Step 2
You can opt for a second opinion from an independent party. This is:
Raad van Arbitrage voor de Bouw (RvA)
PO Box 19290
3501 DG Utrecht
Tel: 030-2343222
Fax: 030-2300125
Insight Real Estate B.V. is “Regulated by RICS”. You can therefore ask questions about our complaints procedure to:
RICS Europe
Rue Ducale 67
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: 0032-2-7331019
Fax: 0032-2-7429748

Disciplinary law NRVT
The appraiser who registers in the NRVT register is subject to the statutes and regulations of the NRVT and therefore also to disciplinary proceedings. This means that he can be held individually accountable for his actions or omissions in violation of the General Code of Conduct and Professional Rules and/or other regulations of the NVRT before the centrally established and independently operating disciplinary board of the NRVT Tuchtrechtspraak Foundation (STNRVT). The STNRVT is independent of the NRVT and has its own board, statutes and regulations.
Complaints can be submitted by interested parties, clients or by the NRVT. Complaints are submitted to the STNRVT complaints office. The complaint is then handled by an independent disciplinary board.
You can submit a complaint to the STNRVT complaints agency via:
Mailing address:
Stichting Tuchtrechtspraak NRVT
PO Box 4136