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Tenant Representation

Insight Real Estate specialises in supporting national and international retailers when it comes to the acquisition of new retail locations, whether you are acquiring your first (Dutch) location or expanding and/or relocating your existing store. In addition, we can help you with disposing retail locations, conducting renegotiations with landlords and managing your whole (retail) real estate portfolio.


We can offer all the help you need when buying and selling real estate. Besides retail and hospitality real estate, we also have a track record in residential, commercial/logistical and healthcare real estate. We use a structured approach to offer you an insight into the sales process and the expected sales proceeds. Our extensive and up-to-date market know-how allows us to bring buyers and sellers to the table.


Insight Real Estate helps institutional and private owners to let their retail spaces at prime locations throughout the Netherlands.

Portfolio management

Insight Real Estate performs portfolio management for national as well as international retailers. Because we always actively manage your portfolio, we are able to identify the accompanying opportunities and risks and can continuously optimise your retail portfolio. Besides managing existing locations, we also take care of relocations and the acquisition and disposal of retail locations.

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Rent Reviews under Article 7:303 CC

The procedure for revising rental prices is regulated by law. Both tenants and landlords have the opportunity to do this on a regular basis. We perform such rent reviews for tenants as well as landlords, although we are also appointed as an independent expert by the courts or other stakeholders during rental disputes between tenants and landlords.

Such processes start with a thorough investigation into the rental value of the object in question. We can help you to determine the revised rental price for individual premises as well as whole portfolios. Furthermore, we always consider other rental conditions when revising rental prices, so that we can achieve the best possible result for you.
We always aim to realise the very best outcome for our clients, and place great emphasis on expertise, transparency and results when doing so.

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