Rotterdam, The Lobby (Kruiskade)

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Surface area:

Good news!!

Early 2022 Manhave Vastgoed will start building The Lobby, a sustainable transformation of the current Crystal House.
With The Lobby even more luxury will be added to the Kruiskade, next to jeweller Schaap & Citroen and opposite the new shops of Akkerman, Skins, Rolex and Patek Philippe.
The building was designed by KAAN Architects and offers 3500 m2 of high-quality retail space and a large restaurant that extends from the ground floor to the roof pavilion with its roof garden.
We are very pleased with the contemporary modernist design that fits seamlessly into this monumental area on Kruiskade.

The Lobby gives a stage to local and international fashion and design heroes. Brands designed to present themselves extraordinary......Winning brands, who are passionate about their quality-conscious target audience, their motivations and their needs. They are authentic brands with an exeptional sense of quality and service, without compromise. Brands that surprise with their taste and creativity, with products whose buyer could not have suspected beforehand that he would need them.

Today's customer has high expectations and only returns when they are met. That is for great, intriguing quality products and services that bring recognition, discovery and enjoyment. For The Lobby, we are focussing on the kind of hospitality that knows how to inspire from the morning until late in the evening. With love for food, the customer and the city

Rental Price:

To be agreed upon

Lease term:

10 + 5 years

Rental Payment:

Quarterly in advance

Commencement Date:

To be agreed upon

Rental Agreement:

Standard landlords contract, based on the ROZ-model 2012


A bank guarantee for an amount equal to 3 months' rent, service charges and promotional costs, to be increased with VAT


The rent will be adjusted annually wit a minimum of 2,5%, starting 1 year after the commencement date of the lease, based on the Consumers Price Index figure for all households (2015=100) as published by the CBS

State of Delivery:

In shell state, including a new facade


Subject to final approval landlord


Insight Real Estate has position for the lease of this property. In case of a succesful transaction, no fee will be charged


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